* Embroidery - no set up fee for orders of 12 pieces or more.

***All sale is limited to stock on hand or expires 03/31/15.


"Ocean Isle Beach" embroidered on hoodie DT811 (District - Juniors The Concert Fleece Hoodie) - $25

* Price starts at $20 for crewneck fleece and $25 for most hoodies, including PC78H (single tone) and $34 for tie-dye hoodies (PC146)
For more Apparel options
* More designs to come, as well as variations of colors
"Ocean Isle Beach" embroidered on hoodie DT811

PC78H & swatches (spec sheet and colors)
PC78PC78H swatches
PC146 - Tie-Dye hoodies (spec sheet and colors)

Customizable (2015-01) Fleece with "Cherry Grove Beach"
Embroidery with Cherry Grove Beach imprinted

Elite Roofing (digitizing and embroidery)
digitizing and embroidery-black outlinedigitizing and embroidery-finished

Embroidery on carry golf bag (2014-06)
Embroidery on carry golf bagEmbroidery on carry golf bag