2016 - August/September

On deck, Carolina Philharmonic, Scotia Village T-shirts & Gentle Renew hoodies. Embroidery on hats for Salmon Electric, a complex piece of art.

Embroidery - Aurora Hills Farm & Nursery

Softball League T-shirt with Numbering:

West End-number

West End

Food Service T-shirt with 5 colors:

Pink Pig-back

Pink PIg-left chest

Reunion T-shirts:
Sturdivant on press

/Screenprinting/2016-ScreenprintingSamples/SAM_3167-Sturdivant Reunion
Jones Reunion with Puff

2 color Screenprint on Polo:
Tanglewood polo

Road Sign on Polymetal-3H'x4'W:
Gaylord Polymetal sign

Wall Cling at our store (display only; not for sale):
Wall vinyl superheroes